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Auditor Information

Douglas County is working on providing SID information online.  At this time the monthly balances for all SID's will be available online which you may have previously obtained from our office.  We will update the monthly balances around the 15th of each month.

Monthly Balances
2019 2018    2017   2016
Jan Preliminary    January   January    
Feb Preliminary February   February    
  March   March     
  April Preliminary   April    
  May Preliminary   May    
  June Preliminary   June    
  July Preliminary   July    July
  Aug Preliminary   August    August 
  Sept Preliminary   September    September
  Oct Preliminary   October    October
  Nov Preliminary   November    November
  Dec Preliminary    December    December


All SID Auditors must request appointments in advance for the auditing of their information.  Please call the Accounting Division of the Treasurer's Office to schedule appointments in advance at 402-444-6796.

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