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The property tax amount is calculated by multiplying the assessed value by the levy. Questions regarding increases in the tax amount requested by each taxing authority should be made to the governing body of that particular taxing authority. Neither the County Assessor, County Clerk, or County Treasurer are involved in determining the tax amount and cannot waive, reduce, or adjust the tax amount or any penalties thereon.



Assessed Value X Levy = Tax
100,000.00   2.09798%   $2,097.98


Assessed Value:

Valuation is the function of assessing property and the improvements thereon. According to Nebraska State Law, the assessed value of property is based on 100% of the actual market value of the property during the year in which it is assessed, not the year it was purchased. Questions regarding the valuation of your property should be made to the Douglas County Assessor.


The levy is the tax rate applied to the assessed value. Each taxing authority (City, County, School District, Sanitary Improvement District, etc.) sets its budget based upon operating expenses and determines the amount of property taxes needed to fund that budget. The levy is calculated by dividing the portion of the taxing authority's budget by the taxable assessed value in the taxing authority's service area.