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Tax liens not sold at the Public Tax Lien Sale are offered for sale over the counter annually on the first Monday in May and June.


Investors are required to register by furnishing name, address, telephone number, fax number (if applicable), and a completed W-9 form along with a $25.00 registration fee. The information may be furnished by mail to the Douglas County Treasurer's Office, 1819 Farnam St, Room H-02 Omaha, NE 68183-0003. 

Be sure to notify Douglas County of any and all address, fax and phone number changes related to your investor number, by contacting the Customer Service Division at (402) 444-7103. It is imperative we have your current/correct address in order for you to receive your redemption checks.

 Sale Process:

The Private Tax Lien Sale is a random draw conducted privately in the Treasurer's Office (investors are not present). Investors provide a list of liens they agree to buy for the delinquent tax amount including interest, advertising fees and a $20.00 certificate fee per lien awarded.

It is the investor's responsibility to research properties. Due to our limited staff and heavy work volume, we do not have the resources to help you do research.

It is possible that some advertised tax liens may not be offered in the sale (due to recent payments and/or other circumstances such as pending litigation).

Please click here to view the  2019 Private Tax Sale Listing.