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Specialty Plates


The Douglas County Treasurer's Office does not process applications for specialty plates. This is a function of the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles.

After a specialty plate application is approved, an approval letter is sent to the applicant. The letter indicates the date the plates will be available at the County Treasurer's office and the County Treasurer's telephone number to verify the Treasurer has received the plates. Current plates and registration must be surrendered when the specialty license plates are registered. Additional fees for production of the license plates and new registration will be charged. Applicants should allow 3 to 4 weeks for the plates to arrive at their County Treasurer's office.

Please Note: If new plates are registered to a vehicle in a month other than the month the vehicle’s current registration expires; the specialty plate renewal fee will be required when the vehicle’s registration is due.

Call 402.444.7103 to let us know which Customer Service Center to deliver your plates to. Plates cannot be picked up at the Downtown location.