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Q: I received a renewal notice for a vehicle I no longer own. What should I do?

A: Disregard it. The renewal notices are generated off of last year’s vehicle renewals. You are not responsible for a renewal on a vehicle you no longer own.

Q: Can I keep the previous owner’s plates on my vehicle until I am ready to register?

A: No. The plates should be removed and kept by the seller at the time of transfer of ownership.

Q: Can I use my old plates on the new vehicle I bought.

A: Yes, but you must register your new vehicle before using them. At the time of registration of your new vehicle, you may transfer your old plates to your new vehicle. These plates should not be put on your new vehicle until the new vehicle is properly registered.

Q: Where do I get my vehicle inspected?

A: Douglas County Title Inspection Station: 8338 Chicago St, Omaha, Ne 68114. Phone: (402) 444-7532

Q: When I buy a used vehicle what do I need?

A:  Click here for details.

Q: When I buy a new vehicle what do I need?

A: Click here for details.